Where Does The “Orient Express” Go?

Where Does The Orient Express Go?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is “where does the Orient Express go?”

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This is a little bit complicated so we had better start at the beginning…

The Orient Express was a regular scheduled train service which ceased to operate in 2009. The train often thought of now as the “Orient Express” is actually the Venice Simplon Orient Express (yes, understandably confusing, we know).

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Established in 1982, it uses a number of restored vintage carriages owned by Belmond Ltd, providing luxury five-star rail journeys across Europe.

But where does The Orient Express go, exactly?

The Venice Simplon Orient Express has a number of differing routes taking in glorious scenery and stopping at cities such as Venice, Verona, Innsbruck, Prague, Vienna, Rome, Stockholm, Istanbul, Berlin, Krakow and so on and so on!

However, our most popular route is the traditional one between London and Venice and vice versa. We have an Orient Express special offer and Orient Express Signature Journey for more information.

But… (now bear with us here comes another area ripe with confusion) …if you commence your journey from London, the UK leg of the journey starts on the British Pullman (so technically not the Venice Simplon Orient Express but equally as amazing and run by the same Belmond company who manage the Venice Simplon Orient Express).

However, the London leg to Calais is classed as part of the Venice Simplon Orient Express ‘journey’ and the carriages are certainly to the same exacting standards, restored to their former glory in every detail.

For more information on the British Pullman take a look HERE.

The Belmond British Pullman takes you from London to Folkestone, through the Euro Tunnel and the Venice Simplon Orient Express departs from Calais and continues on your journey.

So to recap, the Venice Simplon Orient Express takes extraordinary journeys across many different cities and countries. Some of the most popular routes are; London-Prague-Venice; Paris-Krakow-Venice; and Paris to Istanbul with journeys starting and ending at a number of different cities and with both return journeys and one-way options available.

The Venice Simplon Orient Express holidays offer many different routes, departure dates, cabin choices, hotels and so on, which to be honest can be a little overwhelming.

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